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Vortex Cloud Gaming is a premium cloud gaming platform created by RemoteMyApp. This gaming utility allows users to play the PC games without breaking the bank. Through this service, gamers can play demanding titles on less powerful machines or even on their mobile devices. 

Traditionally, you would have to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars just to build a gaming rig powerful enough to run the latest PC games. With Vortex, you can play the latest titles even on your phone as they are run on remote servers and streamed to your device with the help of cloud computing.

Vortex vs GeForce Now

Vortex Cloud Gaming isn’t the only cloud gaming service or gaming-on-demand service for mobile. There are others such as Gloud Games and JoyArk that offer the same services. However, the most important comparison to make is with one of the most popular cloud gaming services today, NVIDIA’s GeForce Now (GFN). Both services are identical at their core but vastly different in how they execute things.

GeForce Now’s subscription model is dependent on rig quality and session length. The more you pay for your subscription, the better the rig you can access and the longer your sessions can be. For instance, those with Exclusive Access can play on RTX 3080 rigs for a maximum of eight hours per session. GFN’s catalog of over a thousand games is accessible to all subscribers.

Meanwhile, subscribers to Vortex can access only 78 to 178 PC video games for 50 to 140 hours per month. The service has a significantly smaller game catalog compared to GFN’s, but it makes up for it by not restricting session lengths. Subscribers can stream games as much as they want until they use up their monthly allocation. With GFN, you have to re-queue once your session is done.

Is it worth using?

Vortex is a decent cloud gaming platform. Whether it suits you best or not will depend on your game preferences and gaming habits. Latency problems will remain a caveat for cloud gaming overall, but your mileage may vary from one platform to another. Your best bet is to look up the games offered and try the service before settling for one.


  • No session restriction


  • Small game catalog
  • No option to use the best rigs

Older versions

Program available in other languages

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